Hints and tips to increase your chances of a successful sale:

  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Buyers decide in the first few minutes whether they are interested or not.  So, tidy up around your house, mow the lawn and place flower baskets at your door.
  • If parking is scarce, move your own car and leave space for the potential buyer to park. 
  • DE-CLUTTER every room. This will have the biggest impact as a tidy home appears bigger.
  • Pack away seasonal items (clothing, decorations, toys) and store in garage or attic.
  • Pack away most of your personal items (photographs, trophies, collections). These will only distract the buyer.
  • Clearly DEFINE THE USE of each room. Each Bedroom should have a bed in it and the dining area should have a table and chairs! Limit multi-function rooms to one.
  • Give everything a good CLEANING. Scrub surfaces, especially the bathrooms and kitchen, and hoover and wash all floors.  Don’t have laundry lying around, clean or dirty!
  • Put new or freshly ironed linen on the beds. Open the curtains to let in the maximum amount of light. In kids rooms, remove all wall art.
  • Make sure the dishes are washed and stacked away. Counters should be totally cleared.
  • Ensure there are NO LINGERING FOOD SMELLS in the kitchen! This really turns people off. Open the windows instead. Fresh air is good.
  • Paint or TOUCH UP PAINT where necessary. Light colours give the feeling of more space.
  • Complete unfinished jobs. Fill those holes, glue back the wallpaper, repair broken glass.
  • Place fresh flowers in sitting room and hallway.
  • During a viewing organise family or friends to mind the children and pets. Tidy all toys away and move cat litter box and food bowls outside.
  • Point out the ADVANTAGES OF YOUR HOUSE and your area: friendly neighbours, schools and shops nearby, social clubs, public transport, sport facilities, pubs and cinema, etc.
  • If your house is on the market longer than expected, ASK QUESTIONS: Is the asking price too high? Or, is something else stopping the sale? Your auctioneer should have some answers.  Keep an open mind; what they tell you, you might not like to hear!! But it is valuable information. Replacing carpets or kitchen cabinets might cost a view Euros, but if it is stopping you from selling your home or getting your price, it might be worth considering!

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