Some of us are working from home – now, more so than ever.  If you don’t want to work from the edge of the kitchen table, and require a quiet space, then why not consider some of the many alternative solutions that you may already have around your home? Research (June 2020) tells us that 83% of Irish WFH workers would like to continue to do so, yet 89% of those don’t have a dedicated work space. At the start of the pandemic, 250,000 people ended up working from home.

Research (Sept 2020) tells us that almost 50% work at the kitchen table, 20% have a designated office, and 14% use the spare bedroom. As an interior designer, I have the vision to find the ideal location for a home office, and I also have the necessary skill to make it comfortable, efficient, and a place conducive to productivity. Creating a HOME OFFICE doesn’t have to break the bank … you might find a little nook under the stairs, or you may even be able to use that fold-out picnic table you bought last summer as your desk! Here’s some advice from a home office veteran (that being me!) – don’t forget to stay positive, take breaks, and turn on the radio 

Stay safe. Stay home. Be well!